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ATHP-24 — 4 Heavy Duty 24″ Countertop Range (Hot Plates)

Standard Features:

• Stainless steel exterior and interior
• Stainless steel full width crumb tray
• 25,000 BTU burners (converting to 32,000 BTU burners 9/1/19 consult factory)
• Heavy duty burners with a standing pilot for open top burners
• Heavy duty cast iron top grates
• Independent manual controls for each burner
• Stainless steel legs standard
• 3/4” NPT rear gas connection and regulator standard

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Model Burners and control method Gas type Intake-tube pressure
(in W.C.)
Total BTU
Regulator Exterior Dimensions
Net Weight
Gross Weight
ATHP-24-4 4 Burners
Independent Manual Control
NP 4 25,000 100,000 4''w.c. 24x27.6x13.1 94 124.6
LP 10 25,000 100,000 10''w.c.