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ATO-4B Gas Range

Standard Features:

• Stainless steel exterior including front, back sides, kick plate, back guard and over shelf
• Heavy duty 12” X 12” removable, cast iron top grates
• Drip Tray provided under burners to catch grease drippings
• 25,000 BTU top burners & 27,000 BTU oven burners
• Oven Temperature range between 175°F to 550°F
• Standing pilot for open top burners
• Oven pilot with 100% safety shut off
• Enamel interior oven for easy cleaning
• Multiple position oven rack guides
• One (1) chrome oven rack per oven standard
• Available in Natural and Propane
• 3/4” NPT rear gas connection and regulator provided

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Model Gas Type Ignition Burner Name Per BTU B.T.U./h Number of Burners Total BTU B.T.U./h Oven Size (inch) Exterior Dimensions (inch) Valve Types Net Weight (LBS)
ATO-4B NG Manually Hot Plates 25,000 4 124,000 20x26x14 24x31x57.375 Pilot light 326.1
Oven 24,000 1
LP Hot Plates 23,000 4 116,000
Oven 24,000 1